Member Resources

Many of our member resources have been written, created, and developed by other UACDL members. We invite you to use these resources, and hope that you find them helpful. The real strength of this organization comes from our members. We hope that you will also take appropriate opportunities to contribute your own work to the brief bank, Brady database, and forms library.

Please Note: The documents and information included in the Resources link are intended to serve only as guides for UACDL members in drafting their own documents. UACDL does not endorse any specific document nor does it guarantee the validity, effectiveness, or accuracy of the contents of the documents. Instead, users are solely responsible for researching and drafting their own legal pleadings. All documents included on this website are to be used as examples only and should not be assumed to be legally binding or judicially approved. Rather, users are responsible for determining the veracity and efficacy of any and all documents.